Unique online resource for interactive courses in skills based practical musicianship for all levels, by one of the most qualified, experienced and respected Kodály educators. Courses are comprised of several video based interactive lessons of around 45-50 minutes each, handouts, notes, tasks, and quiz assessments. Gain a clear understanding of a variety of topics in musicianship from complete beginner to highly advanced, in a friendly, fun and easily followed, yet very professional manner from Esther Hargittai who is a leading professional in the Kodály Approach. Having graduated from the prestigious Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, Hungary, she is a tutor and trustee at the British Kodály Academy where she is also a senior member of the Educational Committee, developing CPD programs and runs courses worldwide. She also teaches musicianship at the world renowned Guildhall School of Music in London, as well as running and conducting its children's choir.
Courses and stand-alone lessons are added from time to time, and each comes with a personalized Certificate of Completion for the appropriate number of study hours, and are issued via email automatically once all course requirements are met.
Testimonials - read what other musicians enrolled on the courses had to say:

​​"Esther has a calm, encouraging manner. She explains everything clearly. The musical material is carefully chosen to demonstrate her teaching points, and lessons are beautifully sequenced.​"
  • Christine Wrigley - Kodály teacher at the Guildhall School of Music in London, member of the British Kodály Academy

"​I have loved Esther's in-person classes before. Now I've started her online course it's wonderful. It's so natural. No edits, just like a real class. And being able to pause, rewind and watch again is magic. Her expertise is second to none. Just what I need.​"

"Esther’s solfege training is the best. By far..."
  • Jeanet Bosch - Choral Conductor and Music Teacher

"Congratulations on these online courses, I think they are really excellent. Your style on the digital medium is very natural and engaging, and I am super impressed that you do each session in one take!"
  • Tess Read - Acapella group leader ("Tess and the D'Urbevilles")

"Esther is such a good teacher. This should be a treat in brushing up your musicianship skills."
  • Lucy Barlow - Kodály teacher at the Guildhall School of Music in London

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